Dr. Miguel Angel Sánchez Acevedo


Miguel Angel Sánchez Acevedo is Professor-Researcher in the Computer Science Department at the University of La Cañada since 2015. He is Director of the Data Science Laboratory and Representative of the Academic Body of Digital Health. He obtained a Doctorate in Information Technology and Electronic Bussiness from UPAEP. He obtained a Master of Science with a specialty in Electrical Engineering from CINVESTAV. He is Senior member of IEEE, member of ACM, member of AAAI, and member of SNI at Candidate level. He has participated as reviewer of NSF' proposals. His main lines of research are Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Digital Health.

Current Projects

Dashboard for Most Prevalent Diseases in Mexico.

Early Warning of Dropout at the University of La Cañada through Supervised Learning.

Early Warning System for School Dropouts

Information Technology Learning Management System.

Platform for the Dissemination of Traditional Homemade Foods

Recommender System for the Improvement of Eating Habits

Past Projects

Dashboard for the Analysis of Information from High School Students about their Interest in Information Technologies.

Autonomous Flight Control of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Currents Students

Javier Juárez Carrera
Leticia Juárez Carrera
Israel Reyes
Rafael Olmos Guzmán
Diana Laura García Feliciano

Past Students

Salvador Martínez Luna


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